Experience the Immersive Works of This Local Artist at the Ruiz Healy Gallery

Don’t miss the final days of the Ruiz-Healy Gallery’s captivating show featuring the San Antonio-based artist, Mark Schlesinger! His complex artistic process and meticulous attention to detail make this special collection worth a visit.

Much like his public artworks on concrete along the San Antonio River, artist Mark Schlesinger’s recent paintings on canvas are focused on color, form, and texture. Unlike most traditional paintings, Schlesinger’s canvases do not wrap around their wooden stretchers but are instead adhered to the front, a strategy that highlights the materiality of the artist’s constructions, leaving them exposed at their sides. With mesmerizing, amoeba-like figures and a distinct dimensionality that highlights his unique process, each of Schlesinger’s nuanced works are begging for repeated viewings. His exclusive exhibition at the Ruiz-Healy Gallery is on display through March 10th, so make sure you attend this captivating show!

Chroma Apartments, an extraordinary blend of comfortable and convenient apartments in San Antonio, Texas, would like to remind our friends and neighbors of this event!

Event Time/Date:
Saturday, March 3, 2018—11:00 AM

Event Venue Location:
Ruiz-Healy Art
201-A East Olmos Drive
San Antonio, Texas 78212

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